We are changing the way wealth is managed in India.

How? By putting our clients' needs front and centre.
01. What we do

Investing in India is complicated. It shouldn't be.

The investment landscape in India is haphazard, fragmented, and split between the haves and the have-nots. We are fixing that by making three fundamental changes.

First, we are making investing more accessible. We do this by offering investment strategies and products traditionally available only to the ultra-rich; a Zeva Astras client is not restricted to just stocks and mutual funds, in fact, you are not even restricted by geography.

Second, we are focusing on transparency. Through our dashboard and regular updates, we make sure that you always know how your investments are performing and what we are thinking. If you are confused about anything or simply want more information, your investment manager is a call or a message away.

Finally, we are working towards centralization. We aim to bring all your financial needs under one platform. We have taken the first step with investments & taxation, next stop is insurance and credit.

02. Our Story

Here's how it all started

Zeva Astras was conceptualized by Basavaraj Puttappa, a well-known name in PMS market with extensive knowledge and a work experience of more than 16 years, joined hands to create a platform which would employ advanced technology in stock market analysis and implementation investment strategies.


Basavaraj Puttappa

A visionary with over 16 years' experience in the financial investment sector. Before co-envisaging Zeva Astras he has been associated with prominent financial organizations like Motilal Oswal, Anandrathi and Reliance Capital. Driven by ambition and dedication he has created a niche for himself in the market as well as among team members. His expertise into portfolio management, wealth management and family offices makes him an indispensable aspect of the organization.

Ashwin Kumar

Brand Evangelist
A visionary with extensive knowledge about socio-political and market structures. He is a renowned political strategist and advisor with deep ties with industry leaders. He has worked as an advisor with large scale brands like JT Mobiles (presently known as Bharati Airtel).

Shashi Kiran PV

A result driven professional, with over 18 years’ experience in Business Operations, Sales & Marketing and Relationship Management. In his illustrious professional tenure he has worked closely with major financial players like Motilal Oswal, ICICI, HDFC. His core expertise lies in developing Portfolio management, Private Equity and Alternative investment strategies which optimizes the potential of investments. His leadership skills and creativity strengthens the core vision of Zeva Astras.

CA - Chandrashekar

A Chartered Accountant, Company Secretary and a Cost Accountant, with a deep knowledge of corporate compliances and taxation. Throughout his 16 years in the financial domain, he has worked extensively in different business sectors. He forms the legal backbone of Zeva Astras. His presence in the core team exemplifies the robustness to the organization. With his experience, prudent outlook and expertise he furthers the dynamism of Zeva Astras.

Andal Srivatsan

A result oriented professional with about 5-years' work experience in the Investment Banking sector. During her stint with Goldman Sachs, she has worked extensively in the client relations domain servicing clients across the globe. Her experience coupled with her towards the sector enhances the dynamics of our firm multifold.

Aftab Kamalapur

An individual whose firm grasp on the financial markets stems out of his 16 years association with the sector. His efficiency in the Sales and Marketing domain is exemplified by his association with industry leaders like Karvy, Motilal Oswal, and JM Financials. Holding central positions like Regional Head for Motilal Oswal and AVP in JM Financials illustrates his leadership skills. His temperament along with his positive attitude increases the robustness of our organization and propels us towards achieving our objectives.


Yashavantha B M

Abhinav Singh

Praveen Ramachandra

Sainath Reddy

N V Nagendra

Jayesh Gowda