The age of artificial intelligence

Leveraging Deep Mind Learning to strategize investments

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01. Introduction

What is soul of Deep Mind learning?

Our Deep Mind Learning (DML) based option trading strategy is designed and developed by Zeva Astras. The technology is meant to cater to high volume-based trader or institutional investors and is based on three factors Time, Price & Volume.

02. Approach

How Deep Mind uses machine learning.

The technology decodes market trends to identify the perfect strike price of a stock/Index option at which volume peaks and at the same time the trade needs to be executed.

Absence of human intervention rids the process of emotional biases and makes it more effective. Consequently, the technology is able to identify and leverage maximum profit-making opportunities in the market.

As large institutional investors deal in large quantities, they prefer to employ robust algorithmic trading technology. This mechanism is commonly known as algo trading, black-box trading, etc. It is mainly technology-driven.