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01. Features

Ficus Funds is like your personalised mutual fund

Built-in Momentum

A portion of your capital is allocated to take advantage of technical breakouts and quick movements in stocks

Tax Loss Harvesting

Save a portion of your tax liability with the help of tax loss harvesting.

Lower risk

Your portfolio is balanced between reliable large caps and high growth companies to generate returns while controlling your downside risk.

02. Our Investments

A quick glance at a few of our current holdings

Bajaj Finserv

Pan-India presence which very few companies can match and a diversified lending & insurance business (ranging from retail & two-wheeler loans to life insurance) makes Bajaj Finserv a lucrative and promising player in the financial services sector.


The ubiquitous maker of washing machines has diversified its business to include a range of home appliances and even offers 'built-in appliance' or modular kitchens. This vision has gone a long way in negating the seasonality of the stock and has made it a consistent performer.

Persistent Systems

A leading product development company which primarily relies on its intellectual property led business. A consistent performer with a ROCE of 25%, this company is banking upon the applications of big data in manufacturing and is expanding into health-care analytics.

Mahindra & Mahindra

The largest manufacturer of tractors and one of the largest automakers by production, Mahindra & Mahindra has been growing from strength to strength and expanding its offerings in both India and abroad. With the appetite for larger cars growing, we believe that M&M is a lucrative bet.

Honeywell Automation

Part of the global industrial giant, Honeywell's Indian branch focuses on industrial manufacturing software, hardware and automation systems. As companies in India upgrade their factories and improve their manufacturing processes, the demand for Honeywell's products and services can only rise.

Comprehensive fundamental research with a touch of common sense

Kelly Criterion helps identify the optimal allocation of each stock in your Ficus Funds portfolio. This helps us add more to the winning positions and cut exposure to the losing ones. We do this using a mathematical formula that takes into account the riskiness of a stock and its potential returns.

Inventory Turnover Ratio measures how fast a company has sold and replaced its inventory in a given period of time. We invest in companies with a high inventory turnover ratio coupled with growing revenues.

Value at Risk calculates and quantifies the risk of each stock as a component of your portfolio. This allows us to predict the worst-case loss with a specific confidence level for a period of time (for example, a possible loss of not more than 2%* over the next day, as predicted at a confidence level of 95%*).

PEG Ratio goes a step beyond the conventional PE ratio by incorporating the company's valuation along with growth. PEG ratio determines a stock's value while taking into account growth in the company's revenue and profits. We like to invest in stocks with low PEG ratios during times of market panic.

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