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01. Introduction

Nurturing investment in a risk-free environment

Hedgeloop is an artificial intelligence based analytical tool which envisages market probabilities to mitigate risks on investments. It is an intense research driven mechanism that couples’ analytics with data processing and helps formulate innovative strategies to reap profits in a volatile market.

The system decodes large datasets to create investment performance prediction models. It relies completely on technology to create hedge funds as well as individual asset portfolios which balances risks and secures a healthy return.

02. Features

The features of Hedgeloop strategy

Our technology allows us to process an extremely diverse set of information, basing its analysis on many selected macro, fundamental, technical, sentiment and more traditional factors like growth, value, momentum etc

Tech supersedes emotions

Absolute dependency on technology ensures that projections are free from human bias

Evolving organically

Self-learning capabilities of the system keeps it in-tune with the market mechanisms

Depicts potential of hedge

Prediction models help foresee the probability of success of a hedge

Result-driven investments

Simulations are performed in a loop to understand if the trading ideas are profitable. The best prediction is then implemented

No coding or quantitative skills required

Strong technical set-up enables one to utilize the tool without any coding or quantitative skill sets

03. Investment principles

Investment strategies are empirically formulated. Projections are based on economic theories and rigorously tested on aggregated data sets. The ideas undergo thorough econometric analysis before being implemented.

Quantitative process:
Mathematical and statistical models are used to evaluate data on fundamental value, risk liquidity and momentum of a multitude of individual securities (across asset classes). We continuously seek economic explanations behind the performance of a model to comprehend the market movements better.

Diversification of investment reduces overall risks on portfolios without effecting the expected return. Investments are made strategically in various securities (within a particular asset classes) and across different asset classes. Diversifications are made on the basis of risk factor and capital.

Investment horizon:
A long-term investment horizon enables investors to bear more near-term risks. However, investors should be prepared to endure occasional short-term drawdown.

Risk management:
Qualitative and quantitative approaches are employed for risk management. Data for the purpose is derived from a prudent monitoring of variables (like value at risk, drawdown, liquidity and contemporary risk).

Portfolio construction:
Customized portfolios are created by applying both bottom-up and top-down approaches.

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