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Removing the clutter to mold investment portfolio to suit your niche.

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01. Features

Things which sets our Portfolio Advisory Services apart.


An uncomplicated strategy to keep you acquainted with the investment cycle.

Monthly updates

Keeps you updated on the health of your investments.


Frequent online notifications to keep you in-tune with the investment decisions.

Systematic portfolio building

A compartmentalization of the total investment is done to mitigate risk. At any given time, investment on a particular stock shall not exceed 20% of the total investment.

No lock-in period

Your investment is always accessible to you.

1-3 year investment horizon

With an extended holding tenure, we offer portfolios with higher leverage.

Hedge Portfolio

Optimally reduces risk on your investment

Flexible Investing

Option to invest via stocks or cash

Thorough research

Investment made after a prudent evaluation of the options

Focused Investment

Positions are taken in contracts across 5 stocks from NIFTY basket.

02. Portfolio construction strategy

How we pick stocks for the portfolio?

Due Diligence

It takes into consideration the ‘age’ of the company. This factor foretells the sustainability of the investment in such an environment.

Gauging the profitability of the company to deduce its growth potential

Analyzing the performance of the company to ensure that it meets the investment’s growth trajectory

Due Diligence:
Measures to ensure the company background is conducive for the investment health

Investment scheme

Investment objective: The scheme aims to achieve long-term capital appreciation by investing in up to 25 companies which depict long-term sustainable competitive advantage and growth potential. However, there can be no guarantee that such objectives will be met.

Type of scheme: An open-ended equity scheme under which investment is made in 25 stocks, with primary focus on Large Cap and Mid Cap Stocks

Category: Focused investment in large cap stocks.

Benchmark: Nifty500 TRI

Entry load: Nil

Exit Load: Nil

Five reasons to invest now

Planned/disciplined investing through F&O

Portfolios that offer higher leverage

Monthly profit/return of investment withdrawal option

Complete transparency

No lock-in period

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